Clamps have been specifically designed to allow a great deal of flexibility in use and indications. Clamps connect pins and connecting bars of several diameters and they have been also designed to connect two connecting bars.

Clamps are designed to be used in any of the described configurations of external bone fixation frames.

Highly user friendly external skeletal fixation system.Clamps are much more “user friendly”: the frame structure of the new external squeletal fixation is retained in any assembled configuration in order to allow final adjustments to be made, prior to the final securement of the frame assembly in the precisely desired configuration by closure of each clamp member. In this way, an entire frame assembly is capable of being constructed, adjusted, and readjusted in order to assure each component is oriented in the precisely desired position prior to final closure of the clamp. Thus, a fully external fixation is provided which is capable of being quickly and easily assembled in any desired configuration.


Requires less experience and surgical skill than standard clamps.
Faster application than standard clamps.

Rigidity of fixation adjustable without surgery.

The studies conducted to evaluate objectively the biomechanical properties of extarius clamps show that external fixator is a system that allows you to modify their biomechanical properties depending on the patient to be treated easily and effectively. These studies carried out by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia show that this system allows the "dinamization" of the frame, allowing entry into the fracture callus load at any given time, without surgery.

Frame configuration with a double bar and the subsequent dinamization of it, allows you to select the most appropriate combination of elements to achieve the degree of loading that absorbs the fracture callus at different stages of consolidation without endangering the stability of the fracture.

The external fixation system that best suits their stiffness to changes in the fracture callus achieve higher levels of bone repair than systems with the same stiffness throughout the consolidation process.